Wednesday, May 6, 2015

First day to paddleboard!

It was the perfect day for this.....

Just look how calm the water is....

A little workout, a little relaxing....Then who do I meet on the lake??

The fisherman was doing what he loves......

....while I enjoyed being able to paddle in the middle of the lake with hardly no boat traffic...I do practice safety. Have my life jacket, something to drink, water shoes, and a whistle, all tucked inside the handy cargo net.

This little setup only takes about six minutes to put on and load the board.

I am extra cautious with my phone. I have the Lifeproof case, but I also use this little waterproof case with a neck strap. Doesn't make that great of pictures through it and the sound is a little muffled but that is ok. I normally sit down and take it out when I want to shoot some photos or talk on the phone.

I worked really hard yesterday power washing both porches, all the porch furniture, cleaning all the outside lights, and planting flowers, basil, and tomatoes. So today was a lake fun day, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. A good reward for my labor.


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