Saturday, May 30, 2015

5k for Kennedy

Today's 5k event was to raise money for the family of a little girl with Hurler's syndrome. A really good cause and I'm glad I participated. However, the competitiveness in me has to ask.....what about awards? It was advertised as having awards in the decade age groups, such as 50-59 for me. There was no crossing a start pad to activate our leg chips, we had to run on a sidewalk. That alone was a bit hazardous. We went out and back so the faster runners were finishing up on one side while the slower ones were on the other. I'm guessing the sidewalk is about 4-5' across. Some younger runners didn't know to move over to let others pass and there were people who liked to run with others, essentially blocking the way for anyone to go by.

I sound like a complainer. I don't mean to be. Maybe I am too competitive to run a race like this. Maybe next time I'll just donate the registration money and volunteer.

At the end, they announced the top three male and remain runners, and said they would get their awards to them. No more. No age groups. Nada.

I did find my "official" results online several hours later. I placed first of eight in my age group. I would have loved to had a metal to add to my collection. Oh well. It was for a good cause.

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