Friday, August 15, 2014

Long run

...well, kind of long. I did four miles today, but it did include an eight minute warm up walk while I talked on the phone. I'm thinking that I will go ahead with my half marathon training for the November 30th race in Oak Rodge. It is flat and I'd like to do it, unless I am visiting the kids in Scotland that week. I'll wait a bit before I sign up but I'll follow the training plan. I've been trying to do three miles two times a week then the longer run on the weekend. I like the Jeff Galloway method, although I'm adjusting it a bit. Sometimes I don't do the walk run intervals and sometimes I do. Today I did 4/1 most of the time. Earlier this week I just jogged the full three miles no stopping. Of course it was on my "inside track" which is easy.

I really like my new watch now. Since I've used the GPS quite a bit, the watch uses the accelerator to track my inside pace and distance. Below is my inside track....(iPhone pano pic)

I know some people think it is wierd that I actually run in the house, not on a treadmill. But I do. It works. It is slow but sometimes I need that to keep my heart rate down. I think my average pace was about 13 min/mile. I jog my little circle around my kitchen, dining room, and living room.




  1. wow! you run inside your house?! that's so cool :)

    1. I know it sounds wierd but I really do. It is about forty feet from one end to the other. The absolute fastest I can go is a 12:00 minute/mile pace but that is some quick turns. No one better come walking through, I'd literally run over them!