Saturday, February 8, 2014

Long run

I did it. My daughter in law was sent to the hospital yesterday to possibly be induced so I didn't run yesterday but instead drove up to Louisville, trying to beat the bad weather, so I'll for sure be here for my little granddaughters birth! They ended up sending her back home yesterday, so we went out to eat and visited.

This morning I did ten miles on the indoor track. I knew I couldn't keep up with how many laps (12=1 mile) so I used the Fitbit to track the distance. Not sure if it was very accurate because I did the ten miles in 1:52:49. That is about six minutes faster than I did 9 miles. Doesn't sound right to me although I did the 4/1 intervals today and did the 3/1 intervals on the nine mile run.

Anyway, it was a great long run. Nothing really hurts, my legs are just really tired.


  1. Running nearly 2 hours is quite the accomplishment! Best wishes to your daughter-in-law!

    1. Thank you Tina! Those intervals of running then walking are helping this old body to go farther than I ever could before!

  2. My 52 year old body is having the same luck with the intervals as well. I am hoping to do my first half this year on my 53rd Birthday.
    I started running in June of 012 and have s l o w l y worked my way up to eight miles. I wanted to be fast, and tho I may get faster, I'm really not built for speed. So, after a few injuries from trying to be faster too soon, I'm all about distance now and I'm loving it!