Saturday, January 4, 2014

Saturday long run

Friday's long run took place today. I am catching a cold, so I really wanted to get it over with before I got worse. Seven miles. Last week was a drop back week (5 miles) and this week was back up to seven. I've adjusted my half training schedule a bit to allow me to increase only a half mile a week. It still includes a few drop back weeks and will have me up to 11 miles two weeks before the race on March 30th.

Stretching afterwards. I didn't warm up since I had so much distance to cover. I just started out very slow. I walked a lot on the hills in the first mile. I am kind of a driver, so it is always hard not to worry about pace. I really want to get faster, but I have to continually give myself the talk, "you are not a spring chicken, you are almost 55 years old, you just started this less than a year ago, just cover this distance, don't worry about pace, that will come later...." Yes, I give myself a llloooonnnnggg talk....continually.

For not feeling well, and a feels like of 28 with a 6 mph wind, I was pleased with the results. I absolutely love the tiredness after a long run. I don't seem to get that with a 3 mile run anymore.

Avg Pace


Oh yeah, anyone run in wool socks? I have some smart wool socks that I love. I ran in them today and my feet stayed nice and warm. I don't feel the need to ice anything down since I finished. That is always good.