Saturday, July 13, 2013

Running Status

I am continuing with running. I am convinced it is one of the best exercises you can do. I've worked up to four miles, but there are still some days I do less. It just depends on where I am running and how I feel that day. I'm up early today and plan to run with my young friend at the track this morning.

My schedule is to run three times a week and since I started with the C25K program in February I haven't let more than two days go by without running. I've been doing 1-2 runs a week on the treadmill at work or in town due to the heat and humidity. Yes, I have some aches and pains occasionally but I am doing my best to stretch out afterwards, and do some kind of stretching or minimal strength building on my off days. That may only consist of trying to hold a "plank" for 45-60 seconds, leg lifts, or a few repetitions with weights for my arms.

Although I didn't have much weight to lose, my legs and thighs are really toned up. The thing I notice most is I've moved my belt back four holes, about two inches. I can get into clothes that were too tight last year. My resting heart rate is down to about 56 beats per minute. It was normally in the 70's.

And, I am hooked. I love the feeling you get after a good run. It has to be that runners high. They say the thing that will keep you exercising is that you love it. I am there.

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