Friday, February 26, 2016

Long Run Friday

Funny, it seems to me now that 5 miles isn't really a long run.....guess it's all about perspective.

Nice day for it.  I had a quilter friend coming over for me to demonstrate how to sew on a binding, so I got in a hurry near the end.  The 5th mile was probably my best one mile time in ages.  I figured out I can take a bit longer strides and it improves my time.  I am doing a 8k race next Saturday.  My only goal is to do it in under an hour.
Avg Pace
113:25.5 1.00 13:25 
212:42.6 1.00 12:43 
312:25.8 1.00 12:26 
411:32.2 1.00 11:32 
510:16.9 1.00 10:17 
6:02.9 0.01 6:16 


  1. Nice! You need to pretend you're in a hurry more often! You'll definitely do it in under an hour. It will be fun. I think 8k is the perfect distance for me. I don't think I've ever seen an 8k race in our area, though. I'm on a marathon relay team in May, and we each will do 5 miles and then run the last 1.2 as a team. I'm totally looking forward to it.

    1. This is the first 8k I've heard of in our area. I would LOVE to do a marathon relay like you described. I don't think I'd ever run a whole marathon myself but it would be so awesome to get to experience it like you are going to!