Friday, December 18, 2015

Another 5-miler

Haven't run in a week so I was a bit worried how today's run would go.  It was fantastic!  Even though it was the coldest day of the year -- 34 degrees with a feels like of 25, and sleet.
I was toasty warm in my north face winter leggings, a long sleeve technical shirt under a Skirts Sport half zip pullover, a Skirt Sports winter skirt, canvas ball hat, and ear muffs.  After the first mile or so, I was fine.  My hands and face stayed a little cold but not uncomfortably so.

I'm pretty slow all of the time. I've been doing the 2 minutes of running to 30 seconds of walking for quite some time now and it seems to work well for me.  Without trying, my pace was better than it has been, and the run just felt...well....awesome. No, I didn't break any records, but it was one of those that the endorphins kick it quick and you are so thankful you made the effort to get out there.


  1. I wish they could all be like that! My run today was awesome. My run on Saturday...not so much! I've never done the run/walk program except when I do my intervals. A friend of mine did it in her last half just to see how it went. She ran five minutes/walked one minute. She liked it. I think she came in in like 1:50. Maybe I'll give it a try sometime.

    1. Good for you on your run! It is so great to have an awesome run! I'd love to get faster. Maybe I should take advantage of the cooler running weather to up my run times.