Friday, July 11, 2014

Friday long run

I am trying to get back to a weekly long run. I've upgraded my garmin 110 to a 220, but I haven't got it all figured out yet. I thought I had it set to 3/1 intervals but nope, it was set to 5/1, so I just did them. I think I would have done much better at 3/1 in this heat. After getting up at 4:30 and working ten hour days, I have a hard time getting out early enough to beat the heat. It was 9:30 before I made it down to my normal lakeside running trail. Did 4.8 miles but a terribly slow pace of 12:57. Later in the day I did some paddling. Check out this beautiful panoramic shot....

I went to a new lake access park built by TVA, as part of the ash spill cleanup. Loved it. It was deserted, the water was smooth and calm, and it was very peaceful for some great paddling.


Happy selfie!

Packed up and ready to go home. I think I am going to have some good strong arm muscles by the end of the summer. That board only weighs 29 pounds but loading it, carrying it to the water, getting it out of the water, carrying it back to the truck...whew, it makes a girl tired. Hopefully it will help with the "bat wings" we older girls

I am still considering a soft roof rack for my car. I think I'd feel more comfortable hauling it that way.

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